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dr.med.dent. Zoran Puškarić

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_About us

_Situated in the small meditteranean city of Lovran, for many years dental practice dr.med.dent. Zoran Puškarić is offering a professional approach to dental care, therapy and rehabilitation. Modern technology, constant improvement of knowledge, friendly relationship with patients, flexibility and cozy atmosphere are main features of this dental clinic.

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_Zoran Puškarić, dr.med.dent.

_He completed his studies of dental medicine in the year 1997. In the year 2000. he opened his private dental practice dr.med.dent. Zoran Puškarić in the city of Lovran. His area of special interests are dental prosthetics and implantology. He is constantly improving his knowledge on numerous seminars and follows contemporary literature and trends in dental medicine.

_Eleonora Zaharija, dr.med.dent.

_She completed her studies of dental medicine in the year 2004. Since then she works in all areas of dental medicine while focusing on specific areas such as cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics and surgery. Over the years, she participated in all areas of dental education. She completed a course in the application of hyaluronic fillers of the lips and face. She's a member of HKDM.

_Petra Jerković, dent. assistant

_She graduated from medical high school in the year 1998. She is a team member of dr.dent.med. Zoran Puškarić since the year 2011.

  • _Minor surgery

    _We successfully perform minor surgical procedures.

  • _Implantology

    _We install dental implants while maximally trying not to feel and see the difference between natural and new teeth.

  • _Radiovisiography

    _Using digital dental imaging with 95 % less radiation than the conventional X-ray , our approach to the analysis and diagnosis of problems faster and more efficient.

  • _Teeth hygiene

    _We keep Your teeth clean and healthy using methods like descaling, sandblasting , fluoridation and standard diagnostic and preventive dentistry.

  • _Teeth whitening

    _We make Your smile beautiful using this branch of cosmetic dentistry.

  • _Conservative therapy

    _We patiently treat teeth using proven effective methods and esthetic fillings.

  • _Fixed and removable prosthodontics

    _We perform teeth rehabilitation with excellent retention and stabilization using fixed and mobile prosthetics such as metal-free covers, implants and various types of dentures.

  • _Periodontology

    _We successfully treat gum disease and tooth supporting structures.


_With our innovative clinical space and team we will try to make Your visit a pleasurable experience. It’s all part of making your dental treatment totally painless in every way.

_Professional team

_Dental clinic of dr. med. dent. Zoran Puškarić is proud to employ a team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing the patient with superior care that they deserve.

_Fast booking

_You can book an online appointment with a specific date during regular office hours or You can contact and visit us at our location.


_Contact us

  • _Address
    43. Istarske divizije 6, 51415 Lovran
  • _Phone
    +385 51 291 616